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Anthony has a beautiful soul

Anthony has a beautiful soul. He has a gentle kind loving intuitive energy emulating from the heart, the essence of our being. A blessing to meet such a beautiful being and gifted healer 5 rating 🌟

Sharon - 07/10/2021

I love the chi kung it so much

Hey Anthony thank you so much I have just done one your classes with lots of chi kung and absolutely loved it so good to be back after so long away.. body was more forgiving then I thought it would be... I love the chi kung it so much, it does something really spiritual for me, I had a real moment of awakening in the middle of it and cried .. such a release thank you so much looking forward to doing more .....

Judy W

Great great class yesterday !

Morning Anthony I just wanted to say thank you for your advice and classes which have really helped with my IT band issue I’ve been having for about 2 years now ! Having done 5 of your classes and following your stretching programs the problems have now cleared and I feel so much better ! Also a great great class yesterday ! Many thanks again for all your assistance

Mark G

Thank you Anthony from the bottom of our hearts,

My son Bryn saw Anthony after starting to self harm, his confidence was an all time low and he had things from his childhood that he hadn't faced that were now coming to the surface. Bryn saw Anthony and within 2 sessions with Anthony he had stopped harming and was coming out of his shell much more, after 13/14 sessions Anthony has worked with Bryn and really turned him around, his confidence is back, he socialises more, he sleeps better and he is more open with his feelings but also faces his fears without so much anxiety. I truly can't thank you enough you saved our son from a really destructive path, you still check in with him and that goes above and beyond what we expected. Thank you Anthony from the bottom of our hearts,

Jon, Katie, & Bryn x

Anthony is a brilliant intuitive counsellor!

Anthony is a brilliant intuitive counsellor! He is very enthusiastic and encouraging. He was able to help me recognise my strengths and help me recover during a time of injury. I would highly recommend him!


I really look forward to my Monday evening Yoga class

I have been doing Yoga for about a year now , I wanted to improve wellbeing physical and mental, I am so glad I found the courage to join the Yoga class at Pure Gym the instructor Anthony Whitehead is very welcoming to everyone and teaches in stages , I can definitely feel and see a difference in my mind & body , I really look forward to my Monday evening Yoga class and always have the best nights sleep after


They are very enjoyable

Since being involved in a major car accident last year, these yoga classes have played a massive role in my rehabilitation. They are very enjoyable in a calm and positive environment


They are responsible for my spiritual growth

Anthony, just wanted to say thank you for the peace and tranquility your classes have brought into my previous hectic life, I look forward to each session, and feel they are responsible for my spiritual growth, and bring me calm every day. Thank you .x


sound session

Thank you so much for this sound session. I must say that I was sceptical to see if this would work for me. I cannot believe that I fell asleep almost immediately and felt totally calm and refreshed for the rest of the evening. I have been raving about it to the whole team

S, GE Healthcare

I feel able to try without worrying about failure.

Although I have been to yoga classes with lots of different instructors, I have settled on coming to Anthony's classes as this is where I feel most comfortable. Anthony ensures that everyone in the class is able to take part to the best of their individual ability. He creates a warm, non judgemental atmosphere that means I feel able to try without worrying about failure. With guidance I find that I can achieve more with each class and I thoroughly enjoy each session!


Anthony knows how to bring people together

Anthony knows how to bring people together and make the class feel more homely and "without judgment". Every class is filled with positive energy and you are never forced to go to a certain level, however it is encouraged if you want to push yourself and your body. I would highly recommend classes with Anthony for both the physical and mental wellbeing it provides


This guy is going great places

How do I begin to explain to the uninitiated what attending one of Anthony's Karmau Yoga sessions is like? Anthony is a rare breed - he has something special. He has the skill and knowledge to make the class both deeply relaxing and energetic (in more senses than one). He is able to take you on a journey of self discovery to serenity. You will definitely workout, have fun and come out a calmer you Karamu ;) As an ex Mental Health Practitioner and Yoga Teacher myself, I highly recommend his classes. This guy is going great places. So book onto one of his classes while you can - this is so much more than just Gym Yoga. He also offers Retreats and Corporate packages and is able to tailor sessions to any requirements.


Anthony delivers classes that are really challenging

Anthony delivers classes that are really challenging, but he has great rapport with his clients, so you always feel safe and cared for in the class. He has unbounded enthusiasm for all things yoga and this is very infectious. His classes have improved my strength and flexibility and I also find his meditation techniques work wonders for me


I absolutely love my classes

I absolutely love my classes , clear instructions for all abilities. Anthony’s passion for getting the very most out of everyone shines through. After many health problems years of Morphine it has transformed me. Could not recommend highly enough .


WOW- Healing Abilities!

It was indeed lovely to meet you to. Not really sure what to say apart form Wow! As you possibly know, I was hesitant at coming in for one reason or another, and even tried to fight myself when the session started but I am sooooooo proud of myself as I listened to myself and it was best choice I have made in a long time to sit the session out.!! We popped out for some dinner on the way home, and I was like Tigger on speed explaining to Troy what had happened.!! Even dropped cuz "Sarah" a quick hi. Lol. I laughed and enjoyed the evening like I haven't in a long time. Fast forward the lovely hot shower candles then bed, and I can honestly say my sleep was extraordinarily different to my norm. My head seemed at peace with my body and allowed the brain to relax and stay calm. Relaxing doesn't sit natural with me but felt fabulous. My true thoughts are now, gosh if I can feel like this after one reiki session... hmmmmm!!!! So let the new beginnings start i say..! Thank you being you! Clearly I do not know you and have always followed my gut instinct in this sort of thing, but I can honestly say you have made such a difference in 30 mins!!! How can this be possible! Haha! Again "Thank you". Troy and I are gonna see you very soon for sure.


The best

Anthony’s yoga classes are absolutely excellent. I feel welcome and accepted, and enjoy the combination of movement, stretch and relaxation which means I always leave with a heightened sense of positive wellbeing and calm. Anthony allows space for each person in the class to experience and enjoy their own practice without judgement, and he also offers encouragement and guidance when needed. During class I am in my own space and setting my own goals, while Anthony is there as an expert guide and teacher, giving help and skilfully allowing me to practice at my own pace and to work through levels of achievement. Anthony’s classes are enjoyable and challenging. He insightfully encourages me to push myself a little further at just the right moments, and I am amazed by how much I have achieved. I have come to understand the importance of deep cleansing breath, and this focus on breathing well has improved my enjoyment of swimming, running and walking. His kind and supportive advice stays with me after class, and the breathing techniques which he advocates have also helped me cope so much better with anxiety and stress. I am certain that attending Anthony’s classes has improved my self-confidence, and I cannot thank him enough for all the positive energy he brings into my life. He is simply excellent at what he does, and I feel privileged to attend his classes.


In Control

I started with Anthony after recognising my moods were low and I was getting frustrated with day to day life and various personal issues, and knew that something wasn’t right. He has given me a chance to develop as a person and provided me with the tools to manage stressful situations and combat my depression. I feel 100% better and feel more in control of my emotions and that a weight has been lifted. And I would highly recommend his sessions.


I just wanted to say Thank You

Dear Anthony I just wanted to say Thank You for spreading so much peace, positive energy and love to all the people in your classes including myself. Physically I can say I feel so much better and getting more flexible each day, I always feel very relaxed after your classes. After visiting your yoga classes I can feel the difference in myself already, becoming calmer, more focused, more loving and accepting myself for who I am and always feel grateful for everything I’ve got in my life. Your words are so powerful and you definitely have the ability to change mindsets and motivate people to be the best version of themselves. Keep doing what you do every day, you can change people’s lives for better every single day so keep going and be blessed. Lots of love and namaste Anthony


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