Hand crafted products

KarmaU can offer a range of products including bath bombs, candles essential oils and more. Our products are handmade and include natural ingredients.


Hand crafted soy wax candles, eco friendly and gives a gentle but long lasting burn. Each candle is infused with essential oils or fragrances that last all the way to the end. We have 13 different scents at present but look out as new ones are regularly added.

candles by karmau

Essential oils 

Our most popular essential oils can now be purchased from our shop and used not only during our classes but to enjoy at home too.


Why not purchase from https://karmau-candles.sumup.link/

essential oils

Bath Bombs & Bubbling bath salt

If you enjoy a nice soak to relax after a hard days work or even after a yoga class. Check out the epsom salt fizzing bath bombs, or if fizz isnt your thing then try out the rainbow bubbling bath salts. Perfect as a treat for yourself or a special gift.

bath bombs and bath salts

Sun Catches

Beautiful gemstone sun catchers available in various shapes and colours, check them out in our online shop

Why not purchase from https://karmau-candles.sumup.link/

sun catches

Gem Stone tree of Life

We also stock heart shapped tree's of life, with bendable gemstone branches to chear up any room.

gem tree of life


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