Yoga and flexibility go hand in hand; it’s perfect for the mind, body, and spirit. At KarmaU, we combine it with martial arts so that you can obtain increased flexibility and a toned physique. Thanks to our unique techniques, you’ll gain more self-confidence as well as learning the art of self-defence.

Perfect for the Mind and Body

Practicing yoga and self defence teaches you how to strengthen confidence which helps release stress and anxiety. But you’ll also learn how to strike with conviction to release the chi. As well as this, you’ll notice an increase in your fitness levels, giving you the ability to protect yourself in any situation that arises on the street.

Learn Self-Defence

Self-defence is something that’ll give you the ability to protect yourself in situation. We teach self defence from disarming an attacker to quick escape techniques. Not only will you learn self-defence, but you’ll feel an increased sense of self-confidence. Knowing you can defend yourself gives you the confidence and freedom to fully explore the world and meet new people.

How To Be Safe

While learning self defence, you’ll be taught how to protect yourself and fight against attackers. You’ll learn in a controlled setting and be shown that self-discipline and movement is something that can benefit you greatly. You cannot stand around and wait for your attacker's next strike. Moving and instinctual reactions are key to getting away. Our training will teach you where you need to step and where to throw your punch.

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